Erase google web cache with Webcachekiller.

To clean the google web cache is not an easy task. So we decided to write an application that could all of this easily and quickly, with a one touch button press.It’s written in the well known language of VB6 and well tried and tested microsoft language that produces small application files, not the bloated application of other languages. Fast in execution, and memory clever.

This application was written with just one purpose in mind. To clean the webcache files, which store your online browsing history. In fact it deletes everything it can find in both and old webcache storage areas, as well as cookies etc. WebCacheKiller can search the hard drive quickly for these files and cache areas, and will display the headings showing just how many files ar hidden on the hard drive.

It has an easy to use interface. Special features as deleting the web cache history almost in real time. You can even set a timer, for timed deleted of the google webcache. Even activate the deletion through an external text file, if you so wish.

It is available for download as a single self contained exe installer file, and is digitally signed for virus protection, as well as being completely malware free.

Starting with windows 7, Internet Explorer changed the way it stored it’s private browsing data. A google webcache area that stores your online activities becomes a major security risk as would be hackers could access and retrieve the information stored with the google web cache area. Internet explorer has gone to great lengths to protect this web cache area, and makes it impossible to delete completely, but with WebCacaheKiller, it becomes easy.

Even after Internet Explorer deletes the files concerned, Internet explorer will still continue to save and build the webcache. Quite simply, you never know if all of the files have been cleaned. Fortunately, WebCacheKiller can delete all files and clean the google web cache with out requiring user input.

How to delete Google Web Cache easily.

Each time a person visits an internet website using Microsoft Web Explorer, web site information is downloaded with each web page and is saved to the temporary area on the hard drive referred to as the online cache. The next time the person visits the website, only the altered content material must be downloaded from the web and the unchanged data is able to load from the cache, and makes for a quicker webpage load. This builds up a historical past of websites visited and it’s essential to delete the google web cache history out of your browsercache.

The net cache makes it possible to access offline content. For example, if no Internet connection is accessible, cached websites nonetheless stay accessible. On-line media records data are automatically saved to the google webcache after viewing them, and may nonetheless be seen. It dramatically saves on bandwidth. Network efficiency is increased, pleasing IT managers. The draw back of the browser cache is space required for storage of the we google webcache files. The browser cache can rapidly grow in a short time in size, and requires maintenance from time to time.

The idea and design of the web cache.

The cache exists because of a primary assumption produced by webbrowser designers. They see the web as gradual, and would by no means be fast enough. More exactly, your web connection is slower than your laptop. So the web cache was born. It is always quicker to get something from your slow disk than it’s to download it from the web. Despite this web speeds will always be slower.

Browser designers observed that the majority of webpages have the same format. What this means, once a page is downloaded, loading a unique page from the same web site, only a fraction of the second page is downloaded, because the construction of the webpage is so similar. That’s exactly what the browser cache is for. The cache is a space on your hard disk where the browser keeps pages that are downloaded, in case they need to br reused at a later date.

For example, when you first visit the internet page on this site, the browser downloads the emblem in to the cache, after which it shows on the page you’re viewing. For each further page you visit, the banner or image does not have to be downloaded again, so long as the same logo is untouched, it is already in the cache folder in you disk.

The webcache sits between the web server and the users browser. The cache has a finite limit which is set the the windows system. It is something which can configure and alter the settings if needed. Once the cache gets full, the records and data contained which have not been used for a sure time are usually discarded, so that the area may be re-used. That is the straightforward explanation.

The google webcache is the the storage space allotted for all of the web sites which might be visited when you surf the web. It grows and actually seldom shrinks. This can cause a problem, because it takes increasingly more space. The number of records that may be seen in the cache, might number in the 1000’s, and this could lead to problems. If you observe symptons equivalent to windows lockups, freezes, corruption of data, then it’s time for you to do something about it.

Check to see how much space is left on your hard drive, and if it’s immediately dropped to zero bytes, that is generally the corruption of the cache. The more you surf the web, the larger the amount of files that you collect, the size of the webcache grows, and again this results in extra problems.

Kinds of files contained within the web cache.

The webcache comprises all varieties of information, Media akin to mp3,mp4, javascript information, html information, every file that’s used to construct a webpage comes into the webcache.

Disadvantages of the google webcache.

·Slower load times and efficiency if the website shouldn’t be found within the webcache.
·Outdated and outdated copy of the webpage being loaded.
·Resources generally corrupted and lost.

If an internet web page isn’t found in the internet cache, extra time is taken to load the webpage as a result of the webcache will be searched for the associated records. When they are not found, the request then goes to the remote server for the webpage.

Manually refreshing the cache.

To request a browser refresh in your web browser, F5 hotkey is the quickest way. This will inform the browser not to load from the cache, but go straight to the remote server, and load all the files instantly. Clearing the cache will force all the files to be downloaded from the the remote server as a new copy..

Webcachev01 information.

As with the newer operating techniques, microsoft likes to alter things. With the newer webcache, in the new operating systems, microsoft windows 7 and onwards, they launched the webcachev01 files. These files are encrypted in a different way altogether, and presents a whole new set of different issues. Microsoft deliberately made these files to be much harder to view and delete, and are protected very effectively by the system.

How often do you delete your webcache files?

Should you ask internet explorer to delete the webcache files, how do you know it really deletes every part of the webcache. The simple answer is that you dont know. You can set microsft browser to delete upon exit, and choose what types of information is deleted, however this only occurs upon exit. There isn’t a secure means of deleting the files in real time.

Is Microsoft Windows spying on you?

If you have installed Windows 10 on your Pc, then it’s highly probably that your all of your online activities are being monitored. Writing emails, surfing, receiving emails, windows 10 is watching you. Windows 10 changed significantly with it’s launch and bears no resemblance to its earlier operating methods. It was built to observe every thing you do.
The reason we all know this is that buried in the depths of windows 10 is a function that captures data and analyses your typing with the aim of studying you. It’s meant to be useful, however for quite a few people it is just plain spooky. Microsoft admits that windows 10 automatic spying can’t be stopped.

From launch, the new operating system windows 10 handle’s your bandwidth speed. It has the authority to install any software it wants, with out your permission. Updates are additionally automated, without any details being displayed. How about the annoying adverts that can shown at any time within the Start Menu. This may be limited in the near future, however you may be sure it will get worse. Any hardware changes, are recorded and despatched back and any modifications you make to the operating system, Microsoft will know immediately. On top of all of this, it will even log any keypresses within the background. What are you able to do about this, nothing. check out the Home windows End Consumer Licence Settlement (EULA) that allows Microsoft to do this..

Microsoft has been dealing with numerous enquires that the new operating system monitors far to much of what you do. Keystrokes, any kind of input from the keyboard and site data are just a few of the privateness concerns. Microsoft responds with the assertion that the data collected is encrypted, and stored securely.
On the occasion you are concerned about Windows privateness, I recommend that you simply take matters into your own hands and set up software that lets you shut down all of the different methods that your laptop is using to connect to Microsoft. Be aware though that performing this will end in a couple of features no longer being available, since quite a few windows 10 features rely on having a link in direction of the internet.

Microsoft firm’s service agreement is 1000’s of words long, so study well..

All about Cookies.

Cookies actually are a convenient method to carry data from one session from a website online to a another, or in between websites, while not having to re-load the identical data. Storing the info on the server without utilizing cookies would even be problematic since it could be exhausting to retrieve a specific user’s data with out requiring a login to every website.
If there’s a great deal of knowledge to deal with, then a cookie can merely be utilized to determine a given buyer. For example the first time a client visits a website they could choose a username that’s saved contained in the cookie, in addition to passwords, handle data, web page layout. When the website is visited again, the info can be retrieved with out it needing to be re-entered.
Creating the cookie occurs whenever a brand new webpage is loaded, as soon because the submit button is pressed, after which the online web page can be responsible for storing the values in a cookie. When the consumer has decided to disable cookies, the cookie creation will fail, and the webpage will then ask the user to reenter the details again.

How Secure are Cookies?

There are lots of concerns about privateness and safety about the internet, and cookies don’t in themselves present much of a danger. Nonetheless private data may be retrieved about a customers actions, in order that they do become a concern.

Introducing WebCacheKiller software?

Webcachekiller is one application which is designed to delete the webcache of your browser once and for all. It’s been written for all Windows versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It takes care of stopping the search service within the operating system, and then proceeds to delete all traces of internet history which has been downloaded.

This can be done in real time for you, so you can be sure that you deleting your webcache completely. If you are concerned about your google search history being tracked  then you need this cache killer app. It’s is free to try.

You can download a trial version for free, click here, then you can buy a lifetime license if it’s suitable for your purpose.  

Whats more, it’s digitally signed so you can be assured it’s virus free. You can check the virus total signature here.

When downloading webcachekiller, there are just 2 positives on the virustotal report, these are false positives.

You can download a free trial of webcachekiller below.

You can purchase WebCacheKiller priced at $15.00 per licence.

  • The purchased license will only work on the computer that it was purchased on. You cannot transfer the license to another computer. To make it work on another computer, you must purchase another license.
  • The license is for life, it does not expire. If for any reason there is a technical hitch with the license, we will do our best to either re-issue the license, after we have corrected the problem.
  • License’s can take up to 24 hours to be received through email, so please make sure your email address is correct. Normally license’s are sent out within just a few hours.
  • Webcachekiller interupts windows services to delete web cache files and as such cannot be held responsible, if it’s not compatible with other 3rd party applications installed on your computer. This is why we advise you to download and try webcachekiller first in it’s demo mode.