Web Cache Killer clears your internet history

Use this web cache killer to delete your on-line history for good, and keep your internet searches safe, and away from perhaps your partner? Do you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to surf the Internet? Or are you just searching for something of such nature, that you know would cause trouble if you were found out? Well you have come to the right place then. The advice presented here will help you avoid from being embarrassed, if caught! Now is the time to clear stored websites and cookies from Internet explorer.

It used to be a case of you could delete your browser’s history easily, and clean the browser’s history, and you that’s all that would be needed. Those days are long behind as the complexity of web browsers grow. Most browsers either hide the facility to do this, or make it so dam complicated, you never know for sure if you have done it properly. You’re left wondering if those sneaky files are still on your computers hard drive somewhere stored in the history.web cacheHow do you clear browsing data from Internet Explorer, requires an understanding only Einstein would have, so it would appear. Software companies, google and microsoft have made it a mission to bury deep, the tracking data that contains your internet history, so becomes so difficult to clear online histoty. If you truly want to hide where you have surfed on the internet, and we all know what types of websites those would be, (we are all adult’s here, tut tut), becomes tedious and lets face it, hard work. 

Clearing website history is no longer a straight-forward procedure. The reasons become obvious. When you use your web browser to search for a topic online, the search results will be saved in multiple locations on the computers hard drive.

How to clear the web cache in your browser?Best cache killer

The local browser history is the first location. If your using microsoft’s Internet Explorer, open the history toolbar and you will see all the web sites you have visited in the last few days stored in the internet store.

Users who probably have their search history recorded the most are the ones using googles own browser’s Chrome. Second to that are the users who are signed into Google, using there gmail account and have forgotton to log out. All of those lovely, and lively websites that you have viewed in the early hours of the morning have just been recorded by google into your gmail account. Here’s a tip, if you want to avoid being tracked, log out of your gmail account, that way you won’t have to clear your history to often.

Another way to surf the internet is to use your browser in the private mode. This mode should not store any history on your computer, but who knows right? Are those searches still being recorded online as stored websites?

Another option, if you want to truly hide your activities, maybe you should be looking at a Tor browser or VPN. Using tools like these, you would make your online searching truly anonymous and encrypted, but also complicated. So wheres this all leading to? It’s just showing the level of complexity that you have to go to, to ensure that you’re not tracked.

Clear your online webcache history

Remember about the logged in to the Gmail thing we said earlier. Well I will say again, if you’re logged in online, then it’s recorded, and there’s no proper way of telling if you have erased it properly.

Using the Private Modes of the browser and clearing my cache.clear your browsers cache

Most of the modern browsers today support private browsing modes, which basically won’t track anything online in your browser. Every browser will have a different look about it, so you should know which mode you are using. So the question now is? If you have wiped your local search history and are searching in one the private modes, are you completely safe from maybe a person or ISP being able to see and track what you are doing?

When you search from your computer, it’s going to go through your internet provider first and then out to a website, the one you are looking at. This is not a problem as ISPs can’t legally go spying on what you’re up to, so it’s pretty well safe there.

As technology becomes more advanced, and people realize that their personal information is much less secure, trying to keep your online browsing history to yourself becomes harder. Nothing is certain when surfing, so always remember that nothing is absolute, and are you really prepared to trust your computer when it says, it has cleared your suring history?

You need to take control of your online activities, and one way you can do this is through 3rd party software, which is designed to wipe all traces of the surfing history out.

Introducing WebCacheKiller software?

Webcachekiller is one application which is designed to delete the webcache of your browser once and for all. It’s been written for all Windows versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It takes care of stopping the search service within the operating system, and then proceeds to delete all traces of internet history which has been downloaded.download webcachekiller

This can be done in real time for you, so you can be sure that you deleting your history completely. If you are concerned about your google search history being tracked  then you need this cache killer app. It’s is free to try.

You can download a trial version for free, click here, then you can buy a lifetime license if it’s suitable for your purpose.  

Whats more, it’s digitally signed so you can be assured it’s virus free. You can check the virus total signature here. Clubs Dundee


When downloading webcachekiller, there are just 2 positives on the virustotal report, these are false positives.

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You can download a free trial of webcachekiller below.


how to delete search history in browser

You can purchase WebCacheKiller for just $15.00 per licence.

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  • The purchased license will only work on the computer that it was purchased on. You cannot transfer the license to another computer. To make it work on another computer, you must purchase another license.
  • The license is for life, it does not expire. If for any reason there is a technical hitch with the license, we will do our best to either re-issue the license, after we have corrected the problem.
  • License’s can take up to 24 hours to be received through email, so please make sure your email address is correct. Normally license’s are sent out within just a few hours.
  • Webcachekiller interupts windows services to delete web cache files and as such cannot be held responsible, if it’s not compatible with other 3rd party applications installed on your computer. This is why we advise you to download and try webcachekiller first in it’s demo mode.